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Principles and Values

Allen Baker's practice is founded upon a solid framework of values and principles that define the position of trust we hold among our clients.

It is for good reason that we fiercely preserve our independence. Without it, we would be unable to bring you the array of products and asset classes that make up the wide choice available in the financial marketplace. When you elect to appoint Allen Baker as one of your trusted advisors, you are protected by our commitment to the pursuit of your best interests. We do not seek nor do we receive incentive payments from providers or financial institutions in return or giving their products or services priority or preference over those of others.

It's All About You

As fiduciaries, we are committed to acting in a manner consistent with promoting the best interests of our clients and that includes avoiding all real and perceived conflicts of interest. We adhere to industry best practices and strive to reward the trust you place in our organization.

We are bound by the following strict principles:

Compensation - Allen Baker is compensated solely by our clients and we do not seek inducements for endorsing particular investments or financial products.

Loyalty - We are loyal to our clients and we will not be influenced by external forces to recommend investments and assets that attract higher commissions or payouts.

Disclosure - We ensure our clients understand how we are remunerated and whether or not any potential conflicts of interest may hamper our capacity for providing truly independent advice. In the rare instance that such a conflict arises, we have a solemn duty to fully divulge it to our client.


At Allen Baker, we fervently believe that few vocations more clearly reflect the higher duty of care to another individual as that which comes with serving as a trusted advisor.

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Our experience has left us in no doubt that the accumulation of wealth is best achieved using long-term investment in stocks, corporate bonds and commodities.

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Analysis & Research

Allen Baker's investment philosophy is founded upon our real-world comprehension of financial markets and their drivers. At their heart, markets are comprised of individuals and it's vital that whatever decisions we make are implemented without emotion.

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